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Our Employment Office is in daily contact with hundreds of businesses all over London: from the top 3 stars Michelin Guide Restaurant to the sandwich bar down in the City, from Iconic London department stores to the corner shop, from the luxury hotel to the family run B&B. Every year, we help thousands of candidates from all over Europe to get a job in London.*

*to obtain a job interview through our employment office is free of charge. The service is available to the general public on a walk in system (office is open Monday to Friday 10.00am to 6.00pm). Candidates that are not full members of the Agency (holders of a one year’s membership Card of Londoners Ltd) must bring a CV in English and documents to prove their right to work in the United Kingdom. Job interviews are not guaranteed as they depend on availability and personal professional skills, and our full members and tenants have always priority on non paying applicants. 

The day following your arrival date you will get a general induction with other fellow candidates to explain the basis for a successful stayi in UK (health and social security system, your rights as an employee, minimum wages, London transport etc.). Just after you will be going through a personal preliminary interview with one of our dedicated employment staff to take your details, assess your language skills and work experience in order to propose you the interview that better suits your professional profile. Usually, within the next couple of days (if off peak season) or within a week or so (peak season: late spring/summer) you are looking to get your first interview. We will speak personally to the person that is going to see you and make sure they have all your details and that are waiting for you on scheduled time and date. If for any reason the first interview is not successful, we provide you with another one and so on until you have passed your trial. Then once in employment, if you got confident and you want to try something else or evolve in your career with a better position, just give us a call and put yourself back in the list. p;ease remember: we will do our best ,but you have to be strongly motivated: punctuality, positive attitude and good presentation are paramount.

Apart from this personalised assistance, services to our members also include: full assistance in opening a bank account with one of our partner banks (Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland etc); getting your National Insurance Number and be fully entitled to access to UK national welfare and health services; help with writing a CV in proper English and advice on how to pass a typical job interview, a safe mailbox system based in our central office if you want to receive important correspondence or parcels with total peace of mind; full advice upon request on every aspect of your life in the UK: from transport to legal matters, from tax rebate (yes, you may have all the money you’ve paid in taxes during your working experience in London: just ask!) to health issues... We are here to help. And for a whole year!


Finally, to give you an idea of the current salaries in the catering/hospitality business in London:

Jobs Wages per week
Pastry £ 160 - 350
Counterhand £ 140 - 300
Casero £ 140 - 270
Shop assistant - Fashion £ 170 - 350
Receptionist £ 140 - 300
Staff at a pub £ 140 - 300
Cashier £ 140 - 270
Barman-barmaid £ 140 - 350
Cook / Pizzaiolo £ 140 - 300
Chef (I o II) Negociable
Manager/ess Negotiable
Porter £ 150 - 250
Fast-food £ 150 - 220
Supermarket £ 140 - 220
Commis waiter £ 160 - 250
Chambermaid £ 110 – 180 (part time)
Kitchenhelp £ 150 - 220
Washer up £ 150 - 220
Cloak room £ 140 - 300



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Brexit? No problem

Key facts

  • For EU Citizen there will be no need to register when entering the UK if arriving before 29/03/2019: they will have the same right as a British National (social security, health, benefits, working rights etc).
  • After this date and up to 20/12/2020 people from the EU entering the UK will have just to register on line but will keep the same right of a British national as above
  • From 01/07/2021 any EU looking to work in the UK must apply for a temporary residence/working permit that will be valid for 2 to 5 years (according to the last indications that came from the authorities), depending on the type of work and skills required.

So, the early the better! More info on:
We are here to help: please contact Londonorange if you need some clarification or if you have any particular query.

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