Bank transfer made out to Londonorange, that must be done at least 3 working days before your arrival Daz London Ltd ACC 29116415 SORT CODE 23-05-80 IBAN GB76MYMB23058029116415 BIC MYMBGB2L.

All these methods can be used to pay also rent, fees, school etc..


All European Union citizens (apart from some restrictions still applied to Romanian and Bulgarian nationals).. can work and stay in England without having to ask for a permit. We are required by law to keep a copy of the document (passport, ID card) proving your right to stay and work in UK.


We propose job interviews in the catering, tourism and hospitality business. We will arrange the appointment(s) with the potential employer and give you all the information you need in order to get the best result. It is nevertheless very important that you are punctual, motivated and well presented on arrival at said interview. You may be asked to go through a short trial period: in this case, is very important that you establish and understand clearly the terms and conditions of this trial (how much are going to be paid, when, etc); if you have any questions on any of these important matters, please contact our office. The National Minimum Wage Rates can be checked on: Click Here

You have to keep us informed on how your interview concluded (employed, not employed, trial..etc.) in order to update your file and give you better service. There is no need to come to the office to update your situation, or to collect new job interviews: a telephone call will be enough.

Please always follow the suggestion of the Employment office personnel in order to maximise the results.


Our guests are mostly youngsters under 30 years old from all over Europe. It is very important to respect your fellow hostel-house mate. We always take very seriously any breach of the residence’s internal rules and any anti-social behaviour such untidiness, disturbing noises, verbal or physical aggression..any of these will lead to the guest responsible evicted from the residence and expelled from the Agency.

All guests are kindly asked to report any problem to a member of our staff either on the accommodation sites or to the central office. All our personnel wear a distinctive badge when on duty.

No outside guests are generally allowed in to the guesthouse/hostel. For any exception please contact the member of staff on duty.

Membership requirement is to assure a minimum stay of 1 whole month , therefore you are committed to stay in our residence for 30 days. Yet, during this time you may change from one residence to another with no problems.

If you decide to leave our accommodations in order to rent a place on your own or with friends, providing that you had been a good tenant, we may supply written references upon request.

Kitchen utensils are supplied too (except in bigger hostels). Kitchen facilities are always available. Fridges are available and generally placed in rooms, together with wardrobe and cupboards. Towels are not supplied.


Our formula is based on a “Live in” study experience: all the pupils will be living in the school building with classes and study rooms on ground floor and accommodation above.

Our School of English can prepare you for the different degrees of ESOL exams (YLE, KET,PET,FCE) or just give you a boost with your colloquial English and help increase your enjoyment of work and social life in the UK

Courses can be co-ordinated to fit in with your work schedules

There are no more than 8/10 students per class and the timetables are very flexible and can easily be adapted to your work hours or other activities. All the teachers are qualified native speakers with a lot of teaching experience.


If you are arriving late and cannot get to the central office before 17:00 Monday to Friday or on weekends/festivities?..We may organise your arrival in one of the buildings with reception. Please contact the office to arrange at least 24 hrs before your arrival.

UK is not part of the Schengen area: therefore you need a travel document to enter the country (ID Card, Passport).

Transport: the underground is closing at night between (roughly) Midnight and 5am. There are buses all night. From/to airport there are train connections to the center (Heathrow, Gatwick, Stanstead, City Airport) or regular bus services (Luton).

Try to always to take a black cab or licensed taxi with a clear sign displayed in the window or book in advance from a taxi cab office.

Early autumn and summer (June –July) are traditionally very busy times so availability is limited. If you are planning your trip for these periods of the year, book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

If for any reason we refuse your candidature or will not be able to provide the service you will be entitled to a full refund of the booking fee and rent you have paid in advance.

How much money?

El metro está cerrando por la noche entre las 24h y las 5 de la madrugada (aproximadamente) pero los autobuses circulan durante toda la noche. Un servicio de tren conecta el centro de Londres con los aeropuertos de Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted y London City Airport y desde/hacia aeropuerto de Luton hay un servicio regular de autobuses.

Si quiere coger un taxi, trata siempre de coger un taxi negro o un taxi con licencia, con una clara señal en la ventana o reserve el taxi con antelación desde una oficina de taxis.

A principios del otoño y en verano (junio-julio) son normalmente periodos de mucho movimiento, así que la disponibilidad es limitada. Si estás planeando tu viaje para estas épocas del año, deberás reservar con bastante antelación para evitar decepciones.

Si por alguna razón tu solicitud es rechazada o no es capaz de prestar el servicio, tendrás derecho a un reembolso total de la cuota de inscripción.

How to pay in London

In pounds sterling (these can be bought before departing), traveller’s cheques (from the bank before leaving) or by bank card. In this case a variable bank fee may apply (2 to 4%).

Brexit? No problem

Key facts

  • For EU Citizen there will be no need to register when entering the UK if arriving before 29/03/2019: they will have the same right as a British National (social security, health, benefits, working rights etc).
  • After this date and up to 20/12/2020 people from the EU entering the UK will have just to register on line but will keep the same right of a British national as above
  • From 01/07/2021 any EU looking to work in the UK must apply for a temporary residence/working permit that will be valid for 2 to 5 years (according to the last indications that came from the authorities), depending on the type of work and skills required.

So, the early the better! More info on:
We are here to help: please contact Londonorange if you need some clarification or if you have any particular query.

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