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Key facts

  • For EU Citizen there will be no need to register when entering the UK if arriving before 29/03/2019: they will have the same right as a British National (social security, health, benefits, working rights etc).
  • After this date and up to 20/12/2020 people from the EU entering the UK will have just to register on line but will keep the same right of a British national as above
  • From 01/07/2021 any EU looking to work in the UK must apply for a temporary residence/working permit that will be valid for 2 to 5 years (according to the last indications that came from the authorities), depending on the type of work and skills required.

So, the early the better! More info on:
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Hi, we are Marta and Ettore. We met in London at the Golders Park Hotel. At the beginning we were friends, then we started hanging out together. Thanks to Londonorange we met and we are now in love.


I left Spain on my own. Here I met lots of nice people who helped me during my stay in London which is a wonderful city that offers many opportunities and good fun.

Greta&Clio (Italian)

Clio and I met here for the first time and we immediately became good friends and we will sure be for long time.

Julia&Yannik (French)

Hi we are Julia and Yannik. We have been travelling many times together, but this trip in London is the best experience of our lives. We suggest you all come here to learn a new language and make new friends.

Federico (Italian)

London is an amazing city full of opportunities. Thanks to the people I met in Golders Park Hotel I managed to ride over the bad moments and they encouraged me to move forward.

Alvaro (Spanish)

Moving to London has been a very good experience. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make new friends of different nationalities.

Erika (Italian)

When I left Italy I wasn't totally sure of my choice, but when I got to London I met lots of wonderful people and good opportunities. I would recommend this experience to everybody because it helped me growing up.

Santiago (Spanish)

When I arrived in London I was very discouraged because I couldn't speak English. After a few months living in Golders Park Hotel and making friends with people of different nationalities I improved my  English, a very beautiful language, very important for my future.

Nicholas (Italian)

My name is Nicola and I am Italian. Living in London, not speaking English, at the beginning it was really tough, but here at Golders Park Hotel I found lots of people that have been really helping me and who are now my friends. I can say that in 4...

Matilda (Italian)

My name is Mathilde. I come from Italy but I'm French. I liked my experience in London. I will keep in touch with the people I met here. I also found a job very quickly that was close to my house.

Massililiano (Italian)

When I left Italy, I didn’t really believe that I would have found a job and new friends. But, as soon as I got to London, I felt at ease because I quickly found a job and people to spend time and share my passion (football) with. I would recommend...

Maria (Spanish)

My name is Maria, I arrived in London two months ago and this is being one of the best experiences of my life. Here I've had the chance to work and meet amazing people. This is fantastic!

Hadil (Spanish)

It is been an incredible experience to come to London and be able to meet people from different nationalities, share fun moments with them in a beautiful city like London.

Guille (Spanish)

For anyone who's thinking about living a new experience, I do recommend to come here, is well worth meeting new and extraordinary people, feel new sensations and have a good time as long as you're working.

Gabriel (French)

I'am French, and I live here. This place is very friendly with young and nice people. Everything is good between French and other nationalities. Managers are great. It's really nice for students.

Ester (Spanish) - Ahulo (Italian)

This is the first push you need to move forward! We did it! :)

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